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Capital House

Project at a Glance
Project Location: Bonifacio Global City
Turnover Date: December 2017
Lot Sizes: 62 sqm - 159 sqm
Price Range: Php 10 M - Php 28 M


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Capital House By Avida Land

Every great dream has to start somewhere. From a small beginning, these dreams of yours stand to rise up and engulf the world. All it takes is for you to push the envelope and find like-minded people who can share the burden with you. Of course, you won’t be able to build on your success if your workplace is lacking in so many areas. What you need is a venue that’s conducive to all of your efforts and provides a dedicated space for your team. Don’t fret because such a place exists. Take a look at Capital House and you’ll discover why it’s the perfect investment for your growing business.

Developed by Avida Land, Capital House is meant to provide a perfect location for those running a business. This 26-storey office development is littered with numerous units that cater to Small and Medium Enterprises, firms, and agencies. Unit A offers 62 square meters, making it the right choice for businesses with a small number of employees. If you need more room, Unit B is what you should go for due to its 103 square meter floor area. When you need an office that can accommodate a large amount of people, Unit C has 158 square meters of space to help you out. All of these options come loaded with the basics so you can hit the ground running as soon as you move in here.

Growing your business would not be possible if you’re situated in a place that doesn’t contribute anything substantial. When you choose Capital House for your office, you are guaranteed to be right where the action is – Bonifacio Global City. Its exact location on the corner of 34th Street and 9th Avenue, also known as the Active North Side, gives your business a wonderful place to thrive in. As such, you and your team won’t have any difficulties reaching this office development. That’s because a plethora of major roads link The Capital House to every important part of the metro. You and your team can be in the office on time with the help of EDSA, C-5, South Luzon Expressway, and NAIA-X, among others. And since these roads are so accessible, you can expect various public transportation vehicles to be around. Wherever you are in the metro, you can find a jeepney, cab, bus, or van that will take you to Capital House. And getting home won’t be a problem too because there are a lot of public terminals nearby to take care of your travels. For sure, everyone in your office will have a better experience going to work in this office development.

The establishments around Capital House are also vital to the overall working experience of your employees. Since BGC is a hub for all sorts of interests, you’ll find a wide range of commercial centers, restaurants, and recreational facilities all over the place. When you need to get crucial office supplies, you can head on over to Market Market or SM Aura to procure them. At the same time, having a quick bite or enjoying a well-deserved night out with your employees is possible due to so many amazing restaurants in Bonifacio High Street. When the going gets tough in the office, you can count on these incredible establishments to have your back all the time.
Gone are the days when your workplace is just an ordinary area where inspiration does not exist. Capital House is offering a chance for people to work in a place that exceeds their expectations. This office development has several amenities that enhance their daily routine and makes it suitable for productivity. Multi-purpose rooms are present here to provide a dedicated area for training and goal-oriented meetings. There’s also a provision for a cafeteria area so employees don’t need to go far from their break time. You also don’t need to worry about power outages as well. Capital House has a backup power system to ensure your work goes smoothly without a fear of power interruption. All of these amenities, and even more, are present to support you and your team no matter what the circumstances may be.

Taking your business right to top won’t be possible if your workplace doesn’t fit with your plans. At the same time, your employees could also use a new office that helps improve their overall working experience. Accomplish this two-fold goal by checking out what the Capital House has in store for you. With its remarkable units, functional amenities, and a notable location in Metro Manila, your business will certainly prosper for the years to come when you choose this office development today.

Avida Land Capital House in Taguig City, Philippines is a premier Office project available for sale. If you're looking to rent or purchase Capital House, then check here first. We have full details of Capital House updated regularly as well as everything you need to know about the availing and booking process, broken down into stages that includes selecting a unit, choosing a payment plan and buying your dream home at the right price. For price list, free site tripping, personalized service, model house, unit plans, floor plans, payment terms, CHAT LIVE with an agent 24x7. We are Remax Perfect Homes. Always buy from PRC licensed Real Estate Brokers and Agents only.

Capital House - Location & Vicinity

At the start of each day, a person has to endure countless hassles on the road just to reach his/her workplace. An office that’s set in an obscure part of Metro Manila has no chance of retaining their employees due to a difficult location. At the same time, this aforementioned location can kill any chance of bringing in profit because all of the action is someplace else. Don’t allow this to happen to your business by choosing a worthwhile location for your office space. In this regard, Capital House is one of the best options you’ll encounter along the way.

This office development is situated on the corner of 34th Street and 9th Avenue in Bonifacio Global City, one of the busiest business districts in the entire Philippines. Its location is dubbed as the Active North Side, making it one of the best places to put up an office in this community. That’s because this area is filled with a wide variety of business establishments, restaurants, malls, and recreational facilities. And due to the huge amount of foot traffic in this area, a lot of major roads link it to different parts of Metro Manila. Wherever you’re coming from, you can take EDSA, C-5, South Luzon Expressway, NAIA-X to reach this office development in the quickest time possible.
The presence of these major roads also provides an abundance of public transportation options for you and your team. A lot of jeepneys, buses, vans, and cabs ply this route every day, giving you a convenient time getting to work. Furthermore, there a lot of public transportation terminals in Bonifacio Global City, filled with numerous routes to destinations in Metro Manila and nearby provinces. With all of these options available to you, anyone in your workplace will always have a far better time going to the office whatever season of the year it is.

Don’t settle with a boring and mundane working environment. Your employees will greatly appreciate the benefit of exploring new places around to make them more excited for work. Capital House can deliver this advantage, thanks to its location. This office development is surrounded by so many commercial centers, retail stores, restaurants, and recreational facilities in Bonifacio Global City. All it takes is a short stroll and you can enjoy a well-deserved break from all of your duties. For instance, Bonifacio High Street is filled with a lot of establishments where you and your team can dine out and enjoy each other’s company. Take some time off from work and your bond as a team will surely get stronger for the benefit of the office.

Your workplace will always be in need of office supplies to accomplish its goals. Fortunately, Capital House is within close proximity of shopping centers, like SM Aura and Market Market. These establishments offer an easy way to procure these supplies and ensure your workplace runs smoothly as possible.

Where your office space is located will always be of utmost importance. Don’t choose some place that can be detrimental to you and your team. Make sure your foundations for success is firmly in place by going for a workplace in the Capital House. With its strategic location, you won’t go wrong in the coming years ahead.

Nearby landmarks :

  • .61 Km to St. Luke's
  • 1.5 Km to Market! Market!
Capital House Location

Capital House - Photo Gallery

Real Estate Photo Gallery

Capital House- View from 9th Street

Capital House- View from 9th Street

Capital House- View from 39th to 9th Street

Capital House- View from 39th to 9th Street

Capital House- Drop Off

Capital House- Drop Off

Capital House- Elevator Lobby

Capital House- Elevator Lobby

Capital House- Unit A

Capital House- Unit A

Capital House- Lobby

Capital House- Lobby

Capital House- Unit B

Capital House- Unit B

Retail Area

Retail Area

Capital House - Features & Amenities

Spending a huge chunk of your day inside an office with nothing to do but work can quickly kill all sense of motivation and inspiration. At the same time, your office space should be filled with features that make your daily work easier and more convenient for everyone. A workplace situated in Capital House affords these benefits to you and your employees, thanks to its set of amenities inside this office development.

For starters, there are provisions for stores and commercial establishments in the ground floor of the Capital House. Rather than travel for a considerable distance for much-needed supplies, you or any of your employees can just go straight down to these places to get them. As such, your team can work better with the thought that everything they need is just nearby.

Speaking of going down, Capital House features seven elevators to accommodate its tenants. Six of these elevators connect you to the ground floor and podium while the other one leads to the basement parking section. All of these elevators are safe to use and can transport scores of people at a time.

For people bringing in their respective cars to work, you won’t have to worry about parking in unsafe areas near Capital House. This office development has both a basement and podium parking area where you can leave your car while you’re in the office. A team of security personnel is always around to watch over your vehicles so you can have more peace of mind while you’re finishing a lot of projects in the workplace.

Entrepreneurs who choose this office development are afforded with the use of multi-purpose rooms. This amenity is perfect if you want to hold meetings, seminars, or training programs for your employees. These rooms can accommodate a large number of people and are conducive for a productive working atmosphere. Plus, every corridor in the Capital House won’t leave you feeling suffocated. Each corridor here has a width of 1.6 meters, giving you an abundance of space when moving around your office.

When lunch break is on the horizon, any employee of yours don’t need to go far for a hearty meal. The Capital House has a cafeteria area where anyone can eat in peace and take a break from their duties. Along with a cafeteria, there are also other options when you need to take a quick break and be reenergized for a long day at work. This office development has a rooftop lounge with an open deck for its tenants. Take some time off from your responsibilities in this area for a quick breather. Going to this place will help you gather your thoughts and give you the momentum you need to finish your work.

The success of your business depends largely on how your team delivers the results. If they are placed in an environment that hinders their growth and productivity, your business will suffer as well. Choose the best place for your success here in Capital House. Its amenities serve to enhance your working environment and make it a better place for all of your employees.

  • Number of Elevators: 7
  • 6 for office and podium parking
  • 1 for basement parking
  • Multi-purpose rooms
  • Open deck at the 8th floor
  • Rooftop lounge
  • Provision for cafeteria concessionaire
  • Spacious corridor width at approximately 1.6 meters
  • 100% back-up power
  • Façade with 60% glass ratio

Capital House - Price List

Unit Type Final Price Area(sq.m.) Notes
Unit A ₱ 9,900,000 - 25,000,000 62 sqm
Unit B ₱ 15,000,000 103 sqm
Unit C ₱ 24,000,000 158 sqm – 159 sqm

Capital House - Payment Option

Payment Options
Payment Scheme Term Notes
10% Spot Down Payment, 10% payable in 30 months, 80% Balance for Bank Financing
10% Spot Down Payment, 90% deferred in 36 months
Cash within 30 days up to 60 days with applicable discounts.
Php 100,000 Reservation Fee deductible to Spot Downpayment

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Why You Should Invest In  Capital House

Assurance of Higher Re-sale Value

Just like what we said, this project is ideal for investors who are starting up and on the way for expanding. If you are starting small (say with 6 employees) and you expand over the years (say you have now 15 employees), you can sell your smaller unit at much higher price, and then acquire a much larger unit to house your increasing employees. You keep a larger space and you keep the address. You could probably profit more from the sale.

Better Opportunities at This Address

The BGC is well-known for its strategic location where everybody wants to have a piece of. This is your once in a lifetime opportunity to invest in a place fully developed and laced with proper infrastructures, logistics, contacts and the best telecommunication system conducive to every type of business. BGC is also being managed by Ayala Land Corporation in partnership with Evergreen Holdings, Inc. and BCDA (Bases Conversion and Development Authority).

Significantly, units could be leased by owners and they can be assisted (leasing services) by management to find tenants for their unit.

Secured Utilities and Operations

The Capital House is designed for continuous utility service any time and any weather. There are back-up power generators in case of power outage, continuous water supply, pool-proof circuit breakers for air conditioning units and other office appliances, and continuous operation of retail shops during office hours.

Flooding is virtually unknown at the site where drainage system is constructed underground. The management has assurance of no-distraction of operation at any given time. Owners are also assured of no downtime on their operations.

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