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Spending a huge chunk of your day inside an office with nothing to do but work can quickly kill all sense of motivation and inspiration. At the same time, your office space should be filled with features that make your daily work easier and more convenient for everyone. A workplace situated in Capital House affords these benefits to you and your employees, thanks to its set of amenities inside this office development.

For starters, there are provisions for stores and commercial establishments in the ground floor of the Capital House. Rather than travel for a considerable distance for much-needed supplies, you or any of your employees can just go straight down to these places to get them. As such, your team can work better with the thought that everything they need is just nearby.

Speaking of going down, Capital House features seven elevators to accommodate its tenants. Six of these elevators connect you to the ground floor and podium while the other one leads to the basement parking section. All of these elevators are safe to use and can transport scores of people at a time.

For people bringing in their respective cars to work, you won’t have to worry about parking in unsafe areas near Capital House. This office development has both a basement and podium parking area where you can leave your car while you’re in the office. A team of security personnel is always around to watch over your vehicles so you can have more peace of mind while you’re finishing a lot of projects in the workplace.

Entrepreneurs who choose this office development are afforded with the use of multi-purpose rooms. This amenity is perfect if you want to hold meetings, seminars, or training programs for your employees. These rooms can accommodate a large number of people and are conducive for a productive working atmosphere. Plus, every corridor in the Capital House won’t leave you feeling suffocated. Each corridor here has a width of 1.6 meters, giving you an abundance of space when moving around your office.

When lunch break is on the horizon, any employee of yours don’t need to go far for a hearty meal. The Capital House has a cafeteria area where anyone can eat in peace and take a break from their duties. Along with a cafeteria, there are also other options when you need to take a quick break and be reenergized for a long day at work. This office development has a rooftop lounge with an open deck for its tenants. Take some time off from your responsibilities in this area for a quick breather. Going to this place will help you gather your thoughts and give you the momentum you need to finish your work.

The success of your business depends largely on how your team delivers the results. If they are placed in an environment that hinders their growth and productivity, your business will suffer as well. Choose the best place for your success here in Capital House. Its amenities serve to enhance your working environment and make it a better place for all of your employees.

  • Number of Elevators: 7
  • 6 for office and podium parking
  • 1 for basement parking
  • Multi-purpose rooms
  • Open deck at the 8th floor
  • Rooftop lounge
  • Provision for cafeteria concessionaire
  • Spacious corridor width at approximately 1.6 meters
  • 100% back-up power
  • Façade with 60% glass ratio
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